A brief history of how She and He became We and made two more to become Us.

- - - 

1999 - He sees Her for the first time as she walks into youth group at church. He (seriously) tells his friends that night he’s met the girl he’s gonna marry.

1999 - He and Her go on their first date to see Toy Story 2 (seriously).

2001 - He hikes with Her to the top of rock in Joshua Tree National Park like they had done many times before…this time he kneels down on the rock and asks her to “complete my life and be my wife.” (seriously) 

2002 - At the ripe ole age of 18 and 21, She and He vow before God, family, and friends to be We from that day until our last day.

2002 - We photograph our first wedding together and officially launch The Image Is Found Photography.

2003 - SURPRISE! We quickly became Us when our daughter Grace is born 12 days before our one year wedding anniversary.

2006 - The three of Us move into our first house in Southern California. 

2008 - The three of Us became the four of Us with the birth of our son Jasper.

2012 - 10 years after She and He said “I do”, the four of Us went back to Joshua Tree National Park to find the rock where he got on his knee and proposed to her so we could renew our vows.

2012 - Overworked and overwhelmed, We call a timeout on life, sell our house, and move to the tiny mountain town of Idyllwild to retreat and renew at a cabin in the woods.

2013 - We shoot Meredith and Cody's wedding in Nashville, TN and fall in love with city.

2014 - We return to Nashville for a wedding. This time we realize the city and the people are everything we've been looking for.

2015 - We pack all our belongings into a 26” moving truck and head onward and eastward to our new home in Nashville.

2017 - After living on the road for two months full of equally large amount of miles and soul searching we make our final stop of our trip at our best friend's home in Kansas City, MO. Long story short (ask us about the long version anytime) by the time our time in KC was up, we purchased the home next door to our best friends (and conveniently all our kids our besties as well) and moved in a couple months later. 



- Photo by friend and fellow film waster Rog