We started The Image is Found back in 2002 as bright eyed newlyweds at the rip old ages of 18 and 21. With an admirable naïveté and an embarrassingly horrible “brand” that consisted of a homemade website and our signature as a logo, we embarked on our journey as wedding and portrait photographers. Much to our surprise, what our eyes had to say resonated with people and by 2005, we made the decision to live the dream and become full time photographers. In 2005, we had grown into our eyes a bit and started to realize what we wanted to say with our images and business. Thus, we rebranded our company into what The Image Is Found has been known as for the past 10 years. That brand, the places it took us, the amazing people it opened the door to, and the images that were made as a result were quite literally life changing and full of experiences we wouldn’t trade for the world.

Sometime in 2011, at the height of our success and much to our surprise, something inside us just switched and to this day we can’t put a finger on what flipped the switch. Maybe it was the ten year itch, maybe it was growing up, maybe it was a divine nudge from the greatest creator, but whatever it was, we knew in our heart of hearts something had to change. Despite all the awards, recognition, travels, dollars, likes, comments, high fives, studios, buildings, parties, etc. we were left with this nagging feeling that all of it wasn’t enough and never would be. After years of wrestling with our hearts, we finally came to acknowledge the brutally honest truth that our guiding “why” for creating was to feed our own egos, and we all know, the ego is never satisfied. Sadly, in pursuit of satiating our own ego, the truly noble purpose of creating photographs for people was overshadowed by the selfish need to use people as props…a means to our ego’s end. And there it was, a simple truth: As long as our purpose was for ourselves, no matter what we created, no matter how EPIC it was, no matter how many comments or likes or awards or high fives we got, that aching of our relentless ego would remain. 

The more we reflected on this, the more our old brand felt increasingly distant from where our hearts were leading us. This started us slowly down a very long, oftentimes very painful, path of removing things from our lives, of questioning every part of our work, and of asking “why” of everything we had done or would do. 

Four years ago now, we embarked on a rebrand of our hearts. Over the course of those four years, we made several attempts at rebranding our company but none of them represented the shift we were making in our hearts or the images we were creating. There is great freedom in recognizing that when it comes to making images, it’s not about us. That freedom has shifted our perspective from creating images for ourselves to creating images for the people we are photographing. We heart-wrenchingly sought to create a design and voice that reflect this and conveyed our longing for images of significance, legacy, and authenticity.

Words have never been our strong suit, but they are used here and throughout our new site, often as a result of what feels like fighting a bear to get them out. Our hope is that these words and the collections of images allow you to see the pieces of our heart and our vision for the work we create. 


Welcome to the new home of The Image Is Found. This is our Heartcraft. Made from the heart, for the heart.