(But that won't stop me from trying)

Memory is a funny thing.  For some strange reason my mind only holds memories that are tied to a photograph. Five year old me collecting nails at the house my parents were building. The look on my daughter's face when she first met her baby brother at the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. The memory of these events only live in my head and heart because they first existed in the form of a physical image. The tangible images made of my life and loved ones anchor our collective past and present and form our future. Making photographs of these experiences is the most important job I will ever hold. My images won't change the world, but the simple art of creating them continually changes me. This work isn't done for fame or fortune. It's done for memory and legacy, for something that overlooks and outlives the immediate. I want and need to make images whose true value will only be known when I or the people in them are gone. My work may never hang in a gallery, but in many years when my loved ones open boxes and books full of my images, they will be taking part in my dream exhibition of my life's work. 

This is my end, film is my means.

- - -

The following portfolio is a selection of images from our Personal Blog, lots more of us on film over there.