THE ANTONIA FAMILY (on black and white film)

I have been photographing my own family exclusively on film for the past few years and slowly coming to the realization that if old manual film cameras are what I choose to document those closest and dearest to me, then why shouldn't I apply those same tools to other families that invite me into their lives? Thankfully, my dear friends elizabeth and michael and their two amazing daughters, Elodie and Francesca invited me to "do my thing" while documenting their family. The trust they placed in me coupled with welcoming me into their home and allowing us all to just exist naturally together for a couple hours...this was just such an incredible honor for me on so many levels. 

Photo wisdom would dictate that old, slow, manual focus, manual exposure cameras are not what you should reach for to photograph the motion filled, hold on for the ride, experience of documenting a family...but after this session, I've got to say, I've never felt more alive while photographing. Here's to hoping for much much more of this in the near future. 

* photographed on location in Los Angeles with a Leica M6+35mm F1.4 Nokton and a Minolta Autocord on TRI-X film pushed two stops.