(But that won't stop me from trying)

Memory is a funny thing.  For some strange reason my mind only holds memories that are tied to a photograph. Five year old me collecting nails at the house my parents were building. The look on my daughter's face when she first met her baby brother at the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. The memory of these events only live in my head and heart because they first existed in the form of a physical image. The tangible images made of my life and loved ones anchor our collective past and present and form our future. Making photographs of these experiences is the most important job I will ever hold. My images won't change the world, but the simple art of creating them continually changes me.

This work isn't done for fame or fortune. It's done for memory and legacy, for something that overlooks and outlives the immediate. I want and need to make images whose true value will only be known when I or the people in them are gone. My work may never hang in a gallery, but in many years when my loved ones open boxes and books full of my images, they will be taking part in my dream exhibition of my life's work. 

This is my end, these are my means.


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- September, 2018 -

Piggybacking on a wedding we were photographing in Ravello, we decided to add a few extra days onto our trip to Italy to celebrate our 16 year anniversary (which we somehow managed to spend at a high school football game watching Grace and her band perform). Our time was spent primarily in the Campania region, with our dreamy AirBnb nestled in the Melizzano countryside as our home base for days filled with lazy breakfasts with the property’s dogs waiting for scraps, dips in the pool, exploring the quaint nearby towns, visiting the largest palace in the world, white knuckling the drive up the 3000 foot climb to a lake nestled in the mountains in Matese Regional Park, and eating our weight in locally made bread, pasta, and gelato. Following our time in Melizzano was a brief stay in Ravello on the Amalfi coast for our wedding, then a quick free afternoon in Rome before our flight back home.


Photographed on the Fuji Xpro2 with 7 Artisans 23mm, Fuji XF 14mm, Mitakon 35mm, and Fuji XF 18mm and the Fuji X100F.

JUNE & JULY 2016


A whirlwind of a couple months included time in Atlanta, Florida, Memphis, Knoxville,  Indianapolis, San Francisco, and a few brief days at home in Nashville.



Leica M6 + 35f1.4 Nokton, Contax T2, Fuji X100t. Kodak Tri-X film developed at home in Rodinal and scanned on a Pakon 135+

MAY 2016


Chickens, bunnies, goats, and dogs oh my! Parents come to visit Nashville and we have a quick trip to Chattanooga. Grace's soccer championship. Quick getaways to the Great Smoky Mountains and San Francisco for weddings. 



Leica M6 + 35f1.4 Nokton, Contax T2 and Minolta Autocord. Kodak Tri-X film developed at home in Rodinal and scanned on an Epson 700 and Pakon 135+



Not too much in monochrome since (for once) I spent most of my time seeing in color.



Leica M6 + 35f1.4 Nokton and Minolta Autocord. Kodak Tri-X film developed at home in Rodinal and scanned on an Epson 700 and Pakon 135+