Sometimes without even noticing it, the things we build up to stand upon end up caging us inside. 

We built it all up and up...a too big for us home by the beach in Southern California and a big studio we didn't really need and never really went to. The more we built, the higher it all got, the less free we felt. It all seemed to make sense when we were building until we realized the toll it was taking. For some reason, we kept building up when individually, as a couple, and as a family our heart's desire was for a life lived more simply. Our marriage suffered, our family suffered, our creativity suffered under the stress of it all. We don't claim to know much at the ripe ol' ages of 31 and 29 but we most definitely knew we were ready for a change. 

Time to move onward and upward. 


We've sold our home, closed the doors to our physical studio (not our business, The Image Is Found is still alive and well), and moved 80 miles east and 1 mile up to the small mountain town of Idyllwild. We now live in a small cabin in the woods, breathing crisp air, awaiting our first true winter and hopefully a white Christmas, hiking, bike riding, shopping local, shooting lots of film, homeschooling the loinfruits, planning adventures, and loving the fresh perspective our new home and town is providing. 

Where we sleep at night has changed, but we're still deeply passionate about creating images both for ourselves and for our clients. Our business will carry on photographing weddings and portraits in the Southern California area, the continental U.S., and beyond. 

We're not sure what or where exactly the next chapter of our family's story will be, but we're fully committed to enjoying, growing and thriving where we are now. 

Many many many thanks to our amazing family, wonderful friends, and fantastic clients for all of your love and support. We wish you all a very merry last days of 2012 and wish better and brighter things for you and yours in 2013.