As luck would have it, we had two weddings in California on back to back weekends in May. So instead of making two round trip flights in two weeks, we packed us all up and made family trip back to our home state of California for a couple weeks. The loinfruits hadn't been back home to California since we moved to Nashville in February so they were of course over the moon to see their grandparents, cousins, friends, and the ocean. We spent some time in our old hometown of north San Diego county visiting family and friends. After our first wedding in Los Angeles, we met up with The Ellsworths in Morro Bay California to join them for a few days of camping in their new home on wheels. We then parted ways for a couple days while we shot a wedding in San Luis Obispo, then after taking Highway 1 up through Big Sur, met back up with the Ellsworths for a few more days of camping up in Santa Cruz.



 Leica M6 + 35 f1.4 Nokton / Nikon FE2 + 28 f2 and 50 f1.8 / Contax T2 / Hasselblad 500CM + 80mm f2.8

Kodak Tri-X developed at home in Rodinal / Scanned on Pakon and Epson V700