THE PUFFER WEDDING (A Personal Challenge in Limitations) - BAKERSFIELD, CA

Every once in a while a wedding comes along that completely recharges your belief in weddings, love, and the beauty of people...Jenna and Jake's simple heartfelt wedding in Bakersfield, CA on an unusually warm Saturday in December did just that. 

A Personal Challenge in Limitations - Photograph a wedding day from start to finish with one 28mm lens, one camera, all horizontal, all manual focus, all at F11, and all black and white. Despite such a rigid set of limitations placed on myself, photographing that way all day was the most liberating shooting experience I've had to date. The resulting images from this challenge are still some of my all time favorite images made at weddings. If they excite you as much as they excite me and you'd like me to come challenge myself at your wedding, I'm in.